Roller Coaster

My terrified heart is in my throat, as I contemplate
The enormous, downward angled steel precipice before me:
Our first-seated  position appears poised upon a bottomless cliff.

The seat lurches forward in a state of agonizing slow motion,
Before thrusting us forward with the velocity of a rocket engine:
My mouth is open, yet no frightened scream emerges.

Our seat hurtles forward; no more slow intervals will occur,
We speed along at bodily turns and suffocating G forces,
That renders my horrified screams into hysterical laughter.

When we at last pull into the spine wrenching stop before the main platform,
I climb from my seat, dazed, disoriented, and more than slightly discombobulated:
You lovingly kiss my lips and lead me away, imagining what fun we have had.

by Jennifer Wolfe

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