what changes/what remains

stone.  shell.  snowflake.  a small green dragon.  the river in the distance.
dialogues about time.  i prepare food in the kitchen.  isamu noguchi appears
once again.  (strange bird to the sunflower).  speaks of blake.  the chisel &
the hand.  the garden.  two halves.  stonecutter.  vision of the abstract.
there are carrots & celery to be chopped.  akari .  i am on the edge of a stone cliff.
eagle.  magus.  contrast.  how does one explain the mystery of the black &
blue branches tangled?  random tides & wilderness.  persevere.  bare passages.
ladders.  the book of tea.  i wash the pots.  night approaches.  snowfall & sculpture.

by Marcia Arrieta

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