Playlist #23

“Meet  Me In The City”
artist: The Babies
album:  Unreleased
Lo-fi, infectious rock-pop.

“We’ve Won”
artist: Jail
album:  There’s No Sky (Oh My My) (2009)
Insanely catchy, garage rock-pop.
Listen: (note: mp3 is mislabelled as “New Noise”)

“It’s My Time”
artist: The Mynah Birds
album: The Complete Motown Singles, v.6 (2006)
Previously unreleased track from 1966 featuring lead vocals from a young Rick James and Neil Young on guitar.

“Oh No”
artist: Andrew Bird
album:  Noble Beast (2009)
Melodic folk-pop.

“All Said + Done”
artist: Dios
album: Dios (2009)
Atmospheric pop.

compiled by Melanie Uyeda

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