Rarer and More Wonderful

Front and back cover of Rarer and More Wonderfulpoetry by Trevor Calvert
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6″x 9″ Paperback book
78 pages ©2008
ISBN: 978-0-6152-1398-2
Cover design by Chris Lane

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***This book was a finalist in the poetry category for the 2009 Northern California Independent Booksellers Association (NCIBA) Book of the Year

About this book:

“[T]hings / hidden remain alive.”  Like—and with—Jack Spicer before him, Trevor Calvert helps us to celebrate this notion by bringing light to the lives of hidden things—answers, insects, music, the heart—without ridding them of the veils, the walls, or the hidey-holes to which we’re initially drawn.  Rarer and More Wonderful is aptly named.” –Graham Foust, author of A Mouth in California

“Rarer & More Wonderful are the attachments, the combinations, of these poems.  Here, language, carved and specific, secures one figure to the next, to its double, or is that a ghost? Perhaps both. And then what appears in the negative space of what happens: “none of these things / will act as the thing itself that / is soon ending.”  So there is a serious struggle here with experience, with being, and then when you least expect it comes the debonair turn, like getting away with wearing period hats. The period? Well, there’s no closure, either. Of its moment.” –Stephanie Young

“The experience of reading these poems resembles either intoxication or inoculation by some nepenthean elixir, what the poet calls a “tincture of an event.”  Sometimes the lines drop quickly in columns shaped like a syringe or sometimes they break like the brim of a good tumbler. One cannot simply read this book once, drawn back to it by the allure one might associate with an absinthe cocktail.  In fact, a kind of esoteric romance haunts these poems—edgy, dangerous, complex.  Being that this is Calvert’s first published full-length collection, and the first book by California’s Scrambler Books, readers have much to look forward to from the future of both.” –Michael Roberson, review from Cutbank Reviews