new forms and meditations for the pressurized libertine monk

by j/j hastain
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99 pages
ISBN: 978-0-578-09770-1
Cover photo by j/j hastain
Cover design by Jeremy Spencer

Ships January 10, 2012
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What others are saying about this book:

Holding j/j hastain’s new forms and meditations for the pressurized libertine monk, I can feel my body push away from its disciplined and well-groomed version of itself; my pulse quickens, readying my system for a revitalizing intake. So as with certain religious reading practices, I take this book, open to any page, and know that the capsule of poetry in front of me is a gift: of luscious language, wild humor, mystery, and self-knowledge. Despite the “libertine” of its title, here is a deeply principled system of desire that seeks the beloved via language beyond binaries (text/image, penis/vagina, lyrical/philosophical, I/you, peace/violence). Here are pages of stunningly instructive “inter-mixtures/of a third life.”

Jill Magi author of Threads

j/j hastain has compiled an integral guidebook of the sensual. You’ll need new forms and meditations for the pressurized libertine monk to open up thrumming temporal integers spaciously to understand reality in its most saturated chromatic range. There is no unreality in these bursting images and words. Xir body theory: fluid indeterminacy and wonder—pushing any perceived limits of pliability. Objects give way to blooming continuums. Images as engorged organs and offerings placed in bioluminescent territory. Every suggestion resonates a vitality of impulses. It’s enthralling.

Brenda Iijima author of If Not Metamorphic

Tarot reading for an apparition or phantasm,” is it possible?  There is no doubt j/j hastain is making our new poetry of oracle.  Poetry I want, poetry you want, poetry very much wanted.  It’s not poetry about everything being all right.  It’s better for you than any liar’s subterfuge.  How else will we get the love?  It’s beautiful in here, this book a “cosmic awe maw” of inexplicable tenderness.  This is a book I will give to the ones I share the best parts of this world with.

CAConrad author of The Book of Frank

“Living Paradox: Libertine Monk by j/j hastain new forms & meditations for the pressurized libertine monk

Here hastain texturally experiments with expression where there are no words. Flirting, enmeshing and always returning us to what we are—a physically felt and unfeeling body. This body and body of work is the way of cyborgs, of hybrids and of the libertine monk. This poetics, as the title points, is paradoxical play with both burlesque and butoh“; with libertine and monk. As vispo it sculpts space. Extrusions, protrusions, and dents are the material where wild collisions spark precedent imaginings. burning architectures inhabit captions, and shapes indirectly paint. In this space we find place in our stressed times to dive into a “liquidic us” where we are tossed, lose hold, and are held influx. This is neither love poem nor not for it is one and in all.”

Kathrin Schaeppi author of Sonja Sekula; Grace in a cow’s eye: a memoir

Poetic-graphic collage is only a fraction of the feat j/j hastain is pursuing in new forms and meditations for the pressurized libertine monk – rife with fearlessness and sexual desire, this book is a raison d’être for the integration of digital moments into the current publishing structure. This is it. Open your eyes.

J. A. Tyler author of A Shiny, Unused Heart and A Man of Glass & All the Ways We Have Failed