Kendra Grant Malone/Matthew Savoca

front book cover for Everything is Quiet front cover image for long love poem with descriptive titleEverything is Quiet by Kendra Grant Malone (left)
long love poem with descriptive title by Matthew Savoca (right)

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Everything is Quiet
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6″x9″ paperback
approx. 89 pages ©2010
ISBN forthcoming
Cover art by Crystal Quinn
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“Everything is Quiet is a full-length poetry book comprised of individual poems about love, life, and loss. Just kidding. Everything is Quiet is a woman sitting calmly near a glass window, hungover and smoking a cigarette in the aftermath of dealing with strange lovers who shush her, smack her, ask her to be more vocal, and for some reason, really enjoy dirty period sex. Everything is Quiet is a person riding a train alone in a big world with an open sky, trying to remember what happened last night, but not really caring.”
–Matthew Savoca

“Kendra Grant Malone contains several hundred people. Likewise, her words seem to protect several hundred other words beneath their giddy, precise calm. Here is a mother and a voyeur and a pervert and a magick-making child, somewhere between them all your brand new old friend, teeming with such heat. Here is language more honest than I could ever be. I suggest you keep it close, warm. I suggest you keep an eye, as if this book had human hands beyond its gorgeous shoulders it would tickle you to death; it would hump your funny tired body, then eat your head for what you’ve seen.”
— Blake Butler author of “Ever”, “Scorch Atlas” & “There is No Year”

“Any book that thanks ‘vodka, cocaine, and Citalopram, for making mood swings bearable and this book possible’ is likely to a strong sense of its own identity, or identities, and Kendra Grant Malone’s ‘Everything is Quiet’ certainly does. Strong: her use of language, her voice, her commitment to getting it right, even as she’s describing how she frequently gets it wrong. Sense: a good ear, a good eye, an intimate acquaintance with bodies and what (and who) they do. These fifty sexy, thoughtful, and sometimes pained poems do right by sex, love, and sometimes pain, not to mention menstrual blood, greasy hair, funny faces, and watering eyes.”
–Ben Greenman, author of “What He’s Poised to Do” and “Please Step Back”

“Kendra Grant Malone’s poetry feels like your first kiss and your first razorblade cut all at once. Reading these poems reminds me of listening to Johnny Cash or The Gun Club when it’s dark and you’re alone, and you realize for the first time that everything is probably not going to be OK, but at least the music’s good. She is an angel of mourning, she is brilliant, and there is no other poet like her.”
–Michael Schaub, managing editor of

long love poem with descriptive title
Price: $12 + free shipping (USA only) $8 (International)
6″x9″ paperback
approx. 103 pages ©2010
ISBN forthcoming
Cover art and design by Olivier Bhérer-Vidal and Pascale Bonenfant
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“Matthew Savoca’s poetry is like a slow-spinning ceiling fan. It’s like the feeling of being under the ceiling fan. It’s like the feeling of looking up at the ceiling fan. It’s like the feeling of falling half-asleep beneath it. And this book is the calm, sunny room that you’re in.

I could think of a million other tiny small things to say (probably all of them about things like washing dishes) that make me think of Matthew’s poetry and how it’s one of the best things that I know about that exists. Everything seems a little lighter and easier and sunnier if I think about them after thinking about Matthew’s poetry.

You should probably be in love with Matthew Savoca. He wrote this book for you.”
–Colin Bassett, author of Boring Meadows

“long love poem with descriptive title has this tender sensibility about domestic life, but it’s still very dour and a little sad. It has this way of displaying the repetitive quality of relationships that is comforting but ultimately depressing as hell. I would like to marry Matthew, but after reading this lovely work, it suddenly seems like a bad idea.”
–Kendra Grant Malone

long love poem with descriptive title is a full-length poetry book consisting of one long poem accompanied by little drawings of plants, animals, and a lamp. an un-named famous musician (has a record review on said this to me in an email about this book: “…I especially like your dialogue. You reign all the sadness of the world into short, simple, and sweet phrases that somehow tame all the chaos of corpses leaking into the water pipes…”
–Matthew Savoca

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