Emily Larsen

Garfield Park Conservatory

I will not enter when it is wind-swept,
I want to be there already
in the chill and the canker,
standing beside you
when the hail begins to make holes
in your head

let me make charity in your over pour
let me raise funds for your re-opening
come on and bring the children
the azaleas are blooming soon! See
how the propagations
will proceed.

The problem with loving something
is disturbing what it was
before it grew enough
to have thorns, burst open
and became
less honest.
It is difficult to be fond of the spectacle you’ve created
what was witnessed in a powdery fist of perfection
become undone and full of fang

It is great to be the biggest until the hailstorm comes
isn’t it? Look at all the glass to sweep.
Surely the flowers will fester in the sun


Poem written by Emily Rose Larsen