Christopher Pérez

How I love our

CACTUS and palm
El Mágico Valle del Río Grande on the
NEWS and Wikipedia    
Willy el Puto comes to quit
JUNK 1946    
Buying up benzedrine
INHALERS from Lee's Pharmacy   
When the cops come
ESCAPE down Route 1    
Pull out a gun from your Joe
Aim at a tumbler on Joan's
Pay the
PRICE in Interzone
Head deeper into
MÉXICO but what's real about
DEAD Beats
I'm at the
MOUTH of another


Something ultimately sincere belies memory

My roommate was one reason I was enamored
There's a copy of Marita in my wallet
She looks like a French spy
Or trout swimming up a river
It's the best smile
Can she picture me in Oslo
A jacket and sweater hiding a brown body
Big tan and a Brazilian wax
Living forever under the convictions of a cream
Red dots are PERMANENT
WebMD says Morgellon's    
Maybe herpes
Rembrandt's Gerard de Lairesse
Nose pushed in
Forehead like an elbow
My penis can't grow in its Chinese handcuff
I say it's scabies    
It must be
Like the doctor says
Cover thyself in sulfur and go to bed
The devil lets me dream
Descartes waves outside my window
I don't wave back
Hands cut off by a 20/80 guillotine
And already crabwalking the River Plate
In the beginning when it makes no sense
To come and go
Blame pushes onto Brooklyn
Marita and I practice yoga together
Downward-Facing Dog    
The Happy Baby
She asks what's wrong
Why am I chipping paint
Were the cats moaning at night she wants to know
Could we suck a cloud with the bombilla
Is Wednesday perfect for pizzas


At an old cathedral

off Corrientes
we try
On most
nights I'm
my body
with an HD
Sleeping in
a teaspoon
Always going
back to Rai's
or Capusotto's
El boludo
Peter Capusotto
Crazy banal
stuff on
public access
Two twin
beds mashed
together in
my room
A chest
with dusty
A copy of
El Principito


All poems written by Christopher Pérez