Chelsea Daniel

I can admit that sometimes the only reason I do things is so I’ll be able to write a poem about it later.

I can admit that I am sometimes careless about the way I display myself,
leaving open interpretation to the thing that is me
so that others may unwittingly fall in love with it.
I can admit that this is more methodical than careless
admit that I like it
that it amuses me
being the object
the human embodiment of a contemporary art piece
for some young art lover to curate
in their mind’s museum

but I am not really an art piece
and real love can only really exist
between two consenting humans
so if you really love me, you’ll forgive me

for being addicted to the power
in hearing “You’re like, one of those pretty girls who doesn’t know she’s pretty”
and knowing that the only reason anyone would think that is because

that’s exactly what I want them to think.


Bush Confidence in the Time of LDR

Naked in my bathroom mirror
my reflection looks like something
straight out of a 1970s porno
and I need to know
if you’ll find this sexy
or gross?
I like it.
the primal mess of it
I take pictures of it
to send to you
only I never send them to you
I watch the hairs float
between my legs in the bathtub
and think
this is good.
I contemplate combing
and flat ironing it
I want to get a true sense of the length
I want to take pride
in how much it has grown since
the last time we were together
intimate and hairless
It exists as a direct testament
tangible proof of my faithfulness
to you.
In another world
you’d sing it’s praises
applaud it’s beauty

The next time I see you

It will be shaved


This is a Relationship

Lay your head on my belly and describe to me the many sounds of my digestive system. This is a relationship.

No one has ever cried while fucking me.

I have been the side chick once
cheated on never
and the girlfriend now.

I have been beautiful
hey light skinned

Now I am sometimes dandelion
sometimes you

I have been jealous of other women on the internet
while at the same time infatuated with other women on the internet

they say nobody wants somebody that nobody else wants
they say you lose them how you get them
they say love is a battle
they say soulmate
they say the one
they say we fall

I say we choose
I say the difference between love and being in love is the difference between chicken salad and chicken in a salad.

I say I “love you” first
You call me back the next day and you say the reason you can’t say “I love you” back is because you are very similar to a Hotpocket that tastes better cooked in the toaster oven than it does cooked in the microwave.

I understand
I accept your heart in the form of your Netflix password


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