Forthcoming in 2014 & 2015:
Before You Kneels My Silence by Jacob Steinberg (2014)
A Hotel With My Name by Cecilia Pavon, trans. by Jacob Steinberg (2014)
Cats and Dogs by Andrew James Weatherhead (2014)
An Anthology of Brazilian Poetry edited by Ana Guadalupe and Jeremy Spencer (2015)
An Anthology of Spanish Poetry edited by Luna Miguel and Jeremy Spencer (2015)
Morocco (new, expanded/revised edition) by Kendra Grant Malone and Matthew Savoca (2015)

Available Now in Print:

by Stacey Teague
(Poetry, 2014)

by Mike Bushnell
(Poetry, 2014)

Gather Me
by Daniel Bailey
(Poetry, 2013)

A Story
by Neila Mezynski
(Fiction, 2013)

by Kristina Marie Darling
(Poetry, 2013)

Bluebird and Other Tattoos
by Luna Miguel
(Poetry/Translation, 2012)

You Private Person
by Richard Chiem
(Fiction, 2012)

Town of Shadows
by Lindsay Stern
(Fiction, 2012)

new forms and meditations for
the pressurized libertine monk

by j/j hastain
(Poetry, 2012)

by Neila Mezynski
(Poetry, 2011)

Everything is Quiet
by Kendra Grant Malone
(Poetry, 2010)

long love poem with descriptive title
by Matthew Savoca
(Poetry, 2010)

A Cake Appeared
by Shane Jones
(Poetry, 2010)

Inconceivable Wilson
by J.A. Tyler
Fiction (2009)

The Dwell
by Eleanor Johnson
(Poetry, 2009)

Reanimated, Somehow
by Valerie Loveland
(Poetry, 2009)

Rarer and More Wonderful
by Trevor Calvert
(Poetry, 2008)