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2012-June 2015:
4 poems by Isabel Sobral Campos
2 poems by Tausif Noor
2 poems by Rachel Edelman
poem and collage by Iris Karuna
3 poems by Samantha Fletcher
3 poems by John Mortara
2 poems by Claire Grossman
4 poems by Maite Dono
For the Girls at a Normal Weight by Julia Roberto
Witness by Gale Acuff
4 poems by Elizabeth Hoover
Sung Together Song by Tyler Gobble
Loss by Laura Stamp
2 poems by Sage Indigo
unabridged by Vanessa Willoughby
Kite Flying in a Field Near the James River by Roy Robbins
3 poems by Chelsea Daniel
2 poems by Wallace Barker
Savor by Alejandra Pombo
poem by Keith Moul
6 poems by Rachel Hyman
4 poems by Caroline Alice Lopez
2 poems by Holly Painter
For the Generations to Come (A Manifesto) by David Meza
3 poems by Kallie Falandays
6 poems by Laura-Marie Marciano
3 poems by Isadora Falcão
4 poems by Lucy Tiven
Business Cards by Steve Subrizi
4 poems by Kat Dixon
Singer by Neila Mezynski
~12:59, friday by James Duncan
transactions located on my mouth by Clara Lipfert
5 poems by Ana Carrete
an excerpt from The Duke and Errol by Declan Tan
2 poems by Carolyn DeCarlo
5 poems by Feliz Laura Molina
The Things that We are Trying to Block Out by Rachel Gray
4 poems by Bruna Beber
Pear by Sam Pink
5 poems by Ana Guadalupe
A Man Called Man by Rafael Sperling
3 poems by Gabby Bess
5 paintings by Neila Mezynski
a poem by Emily Larson
2 poems by Jillian Krupp
3 poems by Christopher Pérez
4 poems by Laura-Marie Marciano

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