Ana Carrete

tween with a bling bling shirt

one of my little sister’s childhood friends is having a baby
and her mom taught me how to not be a total loser 

i was in middle school with inflatable armbands
in a pool full of seven year olds
one day one of the cool girls from my class went to swim class to see her little
sister swim and i was there wearing inflatable armbands and a one piece
swimsuit and she was wearing a red bebe skin-tight shirt and my face looked like
her t-shirt but the fabric was my skin and i wanted to take my inflatable armbands
off and die
but instead that lady taught me to float and now
i’m a strawberry scoop floating in a glass full of sprite


dirty face

in elementary school a boy recited poems every monday one time
he said something about tijuana being a doll with a dirty face and
everyone laughed at him i laughed so hard at poetry he rubbed
his face with his hands and tried to wash it with pretend soap and water
i laughed so that’s probably why i vomited in front of all my classmates
in second grade right before p.e. class i puked twice once in front of the room in
the trashcan and later in the back of the room all over the door i painted the door
with my nervousness and everyone laughed at me and i
deserved it


oh dad (the things that you say sometimes)

you made me roll down my window and you were
in your car and i was in mine and the light was red
and you asked if i wanted a haircut and i was like no thanks
and you insisted do you want me to make an appointment for you
and you said ‘maybe your students don’t respect you
because your hair is damaged’
and i rolled window and my eyes and when we drove away
we took different routes
but we both got back home at the same time
and you opened the garage and then i remembered
sometimes we’re clumsy
we say a lot of dumb things
most times we say dumb things
we’re all just a bunch of dummies we can only try


and then weeks later i got a haircut

because you kept saying my hair was ugly
every day you said something about my hair
and how ugly it was and i would be well
i like it i don’t care you can’t make me
i’m not going to cut it ever again just to make you mad
but who am i kidding i cared and care and cut it
and cried and oh well
i need to wait one more year


trolls one two three

i just realized that most of the time i have red lines under my tits
because most of them time i wear a bra but i don’t get it because i took it off
around 10 pm last night and i just put it on again and it’s 1:42 pm so what is that
about i don’t get it so maybe the bra troll makes me wear one at night but the bra
troll is careful and never lets me wake up

the bra troll

that evil fucker

the burger troll makes me want to eat burgers every day
and i want to do push ups but instead
let me eat burgers ‘let me eat burgers’ is code for ‘let me cry’

the tear troll looks like a teardrop but it’s really a troll
wearing a costume hiding
where all the regular tears hide  
and it never comes out
just keeps on trolling


All poems written by Ana Carrete. She tweets @ana_carrete. Her first full length collection of poetry Baby Babe is available from Civil Coping Mechanisms (November 2012).