Alejandra Pombo



Sitting on a bench two people talk, one excited and the other carefully listening. He lets her be. Thus she goes to him. She lets herself go to him. There is only one way of uniting with someone, and it is letting the other be.


Z: Is that you?

Y: Jump!


Z: Yesterday I was struck again by some memories and by the intense meeting we had on the bench. I thought that listening to you was great and also quite hot. What a tension, I contained myself a lot not to dive in. My shyness operated and yesterday, in this hotel room, I felt a bit insecure about that...

Y: There is a story that goes like this: You see the bear... you feel the fear and because of that you want to run. You feel that you are running and then you feel the fear and you remember that you’ve been told not to run or that you must not look the bear in the eyes. Fuck it!, hug the bear!

Z: Of course. I will hug the bear and you too.


Y: This morning, I went out of the shower and when I was drying myself with the towel it came to me a flash of your touch. Not everything is possible in the reality but yet I feel it so real...

Z: All night long, I was your towel after your shower.


Z: Gray and rainy day. I re-read you before going to bed. Now it's the best I can get. I feel now warm and excited and I think: what’s next now?

Y: Where? When? How? I cannot find a better way to keep on going.


There are explosions in the sky
as waste thrown  at random.
Smells like cannon fodder.
Who wants to walk in the line of fire tonight?


Y: I’m wondering if you know the difference between love and obsession.

Z: No.

Y: And the difference between obsession and desire?

Z: I don’t know.

Y: And the difference between desire and necessity?

Z: Neither.

Y: I think you know it, but you don’t know you know it.




A scheduled meeting like a dentist appointment in a cold and far city. They have planned to meet in the lobby of the hotel. He would wait for her. She is determined: go to action rather than words.


/ROOM 313/
A quick look and I see Z.
I walk towards Z with my head down.
I cannot face his eyes.
The girl in the bar say hello to me on my way.
I only see the body of  Z in a waiting attitude.
I walk towards Z.
I look up and say hello.
Shit! It was not Z.
I apologize.
The girl in the bar smiles at me.
I phone Z.
Room 313.
I go up.
I Knock on the door.
I get in.
A herd of elephants covering his breast.
A "TAKE OFF" printed in his chest.
I cannot resist.
I stamp my lips color impassioned A32 on his arm.
I turn around.
I stay paralyzed.


Extended contacts at the border of her lips.
Not totally in.
Not exactly out.


The whole box of buttons all over the ground.


Not one side or the other.
Not she.
Not him.
This had to be about another thing.
A thing in between
And here they were
full of desire
as in a tropical country
getting lost in the heat.


Alejandra Pombo was born in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) in 1979. She has written two poetry books in Spanish that have received the Injuve Price in 2009 and the Accesit Award in 2008. This two books have been published by the Ministerio de Igualdad. "Savor" is an excerpt from her first book written in English. Visit her website at