Based out of the Sacramento, California area and started in 2003, The Scrambler is an e-zine that features new and original content. The e-zine includes art, interviews, music, photography, reviews, translations, writing and more.

Scrambler Books was started in April 2008 and is an independent press. It is the print publishing arm of The Scrambler and publishes full length poetry and fiction books. Our books are distributed to the trade by Small Press Distribution. You can find our titles at numerous libraries and bookstores around the country and if you find yourself in Davis, California, stop by Third Space and check out our library of independent small press titles.

The Scrambler is not affiliated with any business or corporation. It is an original creation and independently run by people who care about those types of things. Thank you very much to all of the contributors.

Please feel free to contact Jeremy Spencer with questions, comments or concerns at: editor AT thescrambler DOT com editor@thescrambler.com or for Scrambler Books at editor AT scramblerbooks DOT com editor@scramblerbooks.com

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